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I was really impressed with Carlos' knowledge of this specific van. I found it very helpful and was one of the key reasons my husband and I felt very good about purchasing this 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. Carlos was not only knowledgeable, but he was very kind and not the typical pushy saleman type. I really, really appreciated that. He is down to earth and patient. If I ever need to look again for another car, I would seek out Carlos first.
– Jodie C., Amanda Park; April 2015
The sales man I work with is Paul Wood. This is the second vehicle I have purchased from him. And most of my family have purchased from him as well. He is excellent at what he does. He is at the very top of the list of reasons as to why I love this dealership so much. I will continue to shop and seek service at this location because of him and the rest of the staff. Everyone does a great job.
– Lindsey J., Grayland; April 2015
Associate (Carlos) was very knowledgeable about makes and models and the differences others may have.
– Megan D., Aberdeen, March 2015
They have renewed my faith in the car buying experience! Friendly, helpful and not once did I get the feeling that they were in it for a commission. Overall a very positive experience and I look forward to buying my next car or truck from Paul Wood. Thank you to everyone who helped us through the process!
– Seabrook Cottage Rentals Llc., Pacific Beach, March 2015
The whole process just blew me away! Paul Wood is a hard working salesman who worked hard to earn my business and my loyalty. We are so happy how things worked out and have decided on buying only fords in the future because of this experience. It's amazing how well everyone is trained in customer service and everyone made us feel at ease. thank you!
– Seabrook Cottage Rentals Llc. ., Pacific Beach, March 2015
All members of the Five Star team were friendly and well trained. Buying a car or even going to a car lot was not something I looked forward to in the past. Paul Wood and the rest of the team made this experience completely positive and changed my perception of what buying a new car could be. Thank you to all for the great service!
– Seabrook Cottage Rentals Llc. ., Pacific Beach, March 2015
Ricky was very helpful. I like the no games and BS part of it! Ben Ricky Aaron and Gordon where the best I have dealt with in a vehicle purchase ever.
– Jesse H., Moses Lake
This was the most pleasant, easy new car purchase we have ever done. Salesman, Paul Wood & Gordon in finance went above & beyond & we got an awesome deal on our new truck.
– Richard E., Oakville
I think that the salesman (Paul) who sold me my car was excellent. I didn’t feel pressured into anything and he had extensive knowledge about all of the features the car has. I will definitely be looking for Paul again when its time for me to get another car and I will definitely recommend to family and friends.
– Cheryl H., Elma
Trying to purchase a vehicle is usually very stressful for me. The salesman (Paul Wood) put me at ease from the very beginning before I even walked through the door. He impressed me and made me feel at ease!
- Arieta V., Montesano
Ricky Dunlap and Damon Gleason went above and beyond to meet my needs. I recently lost three vehicles in a flood in Western Washington in early January. Not only did they offer to help me with my insurance company, but were very quick to find me not one but two vehicles that served my purposes very well. I have purchased many vehicles from this dealership in the past and have always been treated exceptionally well. If I ever had any issues, they have always been very quick to solve them for me. I hope they continue to serve this area with great service and professionalism for a long time. P.S. I love, love, love, my new 2015 Ford Escape.  
– Joanne H., Aberdeen
Ricky Dunlap has sold 4 cars to my family and I. Everything has been great.
- Pamela H., Ocean Shores
I have bought two vehicles this year from Ricky Dunlap and the rest of the crew have all been amazing to deal with. They all hold the Five Star name very high. Thanks for everything and Happy Holidays!
- Paul N., Rainier
I was looking for a dealership that had a good reputation and where I could just get a fair deal on a new truck. We live a long ways from Aberdeen and I had to drive over 2 hours to do business with Five Star, but I'm glad I did. I met with Carlos, who is a thoughtful, knowledgable car guy. He knew all the ins and outs of the vehicle I was interested in and he spent as much time as was needed answering my questions. I never felt rushed or pressured in any way. Buying a new car or truck is not anything I enjoy doing, but the people I met at Five Star treated me well. I would buy another truck from Carlos again.  
– Mark D., Bellevue
Carlos Moreno has an impressive knowledge/familiarity with vehicle technology and does an excellent job of communicating it. Damon Gleason also did a great job in helping me locate a vehicle with the features I wanted at a fair price without playing games.
– Eric N., Aberdeen
That Eilers dude has made it so we no longer even bother looking elsewhere. John has taken such great care of myself, Susie, and the kids for years. Be nice if you could make him stop aging, and, whatever you do, don't allow him to retire. We loved our little Escape (also John) and did not need it replaced, but Eilers is even older than we didn't want to do our next car trip w/o John running things. Susie (and I) are beyond thrilled w/the Edge and, as always, beyond comfortable with the way John has taken care of and for us. You folks have a Merry Christmas, eh?  
- Eric V., Olympia
John Eilers was professional and it was a pleasure to work with him.
– Paul M., Hoquiam
Jeff Timmons was polite and listened as we explained what we wanted in a vehicle. Staff was polite and welcoming. We would highly recommend him for more business transactions. As he took the time to pay close attention to detail, and was not pushy or overbearing in any way, as we have come across in the past. Thank You
– Kevin S., Aberdeen
Jeff and Damon did an excellent job of meeting my needs. I was on my way to Dave Smith in Kellogg Idaho. I am glad I stopped by Five Star.
-David H., Ocean Shores
I brought my automobile into your service center Friday, November 21, for an extensive electronics repair. Ric Gaddis, your service consultant, was very helpful in handling my complaint. The weather was blustery with heavy rain and wind and my spouse and I needed to go on to Ocean Shores. Ric helped us obtain a rental car, and then transferred our luggage during that storm. In the process he managed to get soaking wet. He really went the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction. Thanks
– David J., Gig Harbor
I commend Rich Hartman’s Five Star Dealership on all levels of service, sales and financing! In August my family and I were on our way back to Seattle from Ocean Shores when our Caravan blew a seam in the radiator due to a bad water pump, which in turn blew the head gasket as well. This just happened to occur next to your dealership. Your shop got me in within 30 minutes and quickly surmised the problem. The repairs were going to far exceed the worth of the vehicle. That’s where John Eilers took over. He was a pleasure to do work with. I appreciate that he didn’t try to sell us a car out of our budget. He showed me an impressive high mileage newer van. The asking price was out of my range, but after making a top offer the sales manager accepted the deal. Thank goodness. Within 90 minutes; I found, test drove, approved credit, packed and loaded the new van and had the old van hauled off! My whole family thanks you for making a disaster into a pleasurable upgrade in vehicle. I have already been recommending your dealership.
– Anise B., Seattle
Hi John and Aaron, Thanks for the smooth transaction and the delivery. Usually I try to negotiate a lot lower on the asking price but I found your asking price fair so you throwing in the delivery was good enough for me.
– Fred & Darus J., Grants Pass
My husband and I have purchased several cars and trucks from the Toyota side of this dealership. I have to say that with the purchase of the Jeep, it was one of the best dealings from start to finish. The salesman I worked with Paul Wood, is wonderful and when my son is ready for a new car we will be there to see Paul again for sure.
– Francis N., Aberdeen
I really appreciated Paul Wood. There was no pressure and I felt that he really wanted me to find the right vehicle for my needs.
– Jessee M., Montesano
Paul Wood gave us outstanding service as usual. Would recommend Five Star Dealerships to anyone. Great Job!
– Holbrook, Inc., Olympia
Jeff is a great sales rep. His customer service (was not pushy at all) is one big reason I drove 2.5 hours from where I live in Snohomish to your dealership. I will definitely come back and recommend to my friends!  
-Travis Rager, Mill Creek
All of the many employees of Five Star that I worked with during the transaction of my new car were awesome!!  
- Joann H., Westport
Totally CANNOT stand pushy salespeople and Paul was definitely NOT that. He was quite helpful, polite, and just a pleasure to work with - if there were more sales folks like him we probably would have purchased a new vehicle a lot sooner. Thanks, and we are just loving our new car.
– David M., Rochester
Jeff Timmons, Damon Gleason and the entire team at Five Star were great to deal with. We had great service from beginning to end and they went out of their way to make sure we were happy. It is very much appreciated and couldn't be happier with the truck and overall experience!
– John M., Tumwater
Jeff Timmons was a great sales person.
– Paul B., Long Beach
Initially, I had decided to purchase a car through the Costco Auto Program to avoid the haggling. I thought I would give my local auto dealership a try and I was pleasantly surprised! Rick Dunlap was an informative and professional salesperson. My car buying experience was enjoyable and I am happy I made my purchase.
– Mary E., Cosmopolis
Carlos was great the way he handled the transaction with us, I will recommend him to others that I know. You have a great dealership with great people working for you.
- Jack V., Ocean Shores
Both Carlos and Jeff were very helpful! Thanks to the whole team in getting us the car we liked and could afford!
– Jennifer C., Elma
Very friendly salesman (Paul Wood) and no pressure
– Paul V., Hoquiam
Although it is (obviously) the (Five Star Jeep Chrysler in Aberdeen, Washington) dealership's purpose to sell vehicles. After we did our best to come to a deal for a new truck we still could not meet our financial requirements for the purchase. The dealership did not give up. They first ask if a 'used vehicle' was an option. I stated as a response that I had a used vehicle and I wanted the new vehicle with new warranties etc. Again the dealership did some 'head scratching' and come up with a vehicle (quad cab as opposed to crew cab) that we could get into more inexpensively. They did not have an example of this on there lot so they drove us over to another lot so we could evaluate that option. We found this to be (actually) a better option for our needs than I had picked out. To make a long story short (or at least shorter) I was disappointed that the deal could not be reached for a new truck and was very pleased that we could finally come up with a viable option.
– Michael M., Ocean Shores
Spencer was great to work with wasn't pushy at all just wanted to get the right truck for me... Best car salesman I've ever dealt with! Allen the boss or what ever was a great guy... Extremely easy to deal with and I was very happy... It was the easiest deal I've ever made at a car dealership! I would definitely do business again! Great staff and service, and I'm usually not easy to please!
- Tyson B. Montesano
I had researched ahead of time what type car I was looking for, and was very pleased to find the exact car I was looking for here locally. I have anxiety which made shopping for a car harder for me, but my sales rep. Paul Wood was very friendly & helpful. He dedicated his time to me, showing the vehicles and helping me with the whole process. I would not have been able to shop for a car without his help. Also had great help from general sales manager Allen Erickson. I want to give a big Thank You.
- Kari P., Aberdeen
We'll only buy vehicles through Rick Dunlap, great salesman, not pushy, knows his information, makes the whole process comfortable. Should be nominated for best salesman at Five Star Ford in Aberdeen, he deserves it!
– Brea C., Elma
The sales people were all so friendly and helpful. I didn't feel pressured to make a fast decision and all of my questions were answered. I felt very comfortable and highly recommend this dealership. Carlos and Spencer worked with me. They were both professional and patient will my endless questions. They also shared with me about window tinting and adding leather to my car when I'm ready. Carlos set up the window tinting for me and in the future I will also get the leather added to the car. I ended up getting the best car for our family's needs at the best price that could be found.
– Christina C., Aberdeen
Carlos was awesome! Knew so much about the car. I appreciate the time that he spend answering questions and going over details. Thanks!
– Kelsey F., Hoquiam
I enjoyed my experience totally. Paul Wood is amazing and very in tune with what people want, honest and trustworthy. I will definitely go back. Also Bud in financing was very helpful and not your usual pushy guru. This is why we keep coming back. My mother also bought a new car and am recommending to others.
– Brenda Q., Aberdeen
Mike and John were a great pleasure to work with while ordering our new Roush Mustang. It was a new experience for us and they walked us through every step, and treated us like we were old friends. I don't think we could have had any better experience without these guys! Thanks guys! We LOVE our new car!
– James P., Shelton
Carlos was extremely congenial (above and beyond the call of duty), and at no time steering us to a car more expensive or "more car" than we came in to look at. There were times that I thought we were taking up more of his time than we should have, but not because of anything he said or did. The finance manager (person) was just as congenial and never felt rushed during that process. Buying a car (any car) is time consuming at best. The staff was friendly and there was never a minute that I didn't feel like a valued customer. I do wish that I would have noticed that the passenger side mirror mounting was damaged.
– Layton W., Raymond
Thank you John Eilers! You provided excellent service and a "no stress" purchase. We are very pleased.
– Michelle M., Quinault
Overall very good & friendly!
– John W., Aberdeen
The service I received was great!!! Eddie was the perfect match for me... I strongly desired to purchase locally, so I am thankful that worked out
- Karren P., Elma

We really appreciated Damon G's enthusiasm. He went above & beyond introducing us to our new "smart truck". It made our car buying experience enjoyable.
– Steve F., Hoquiam
Carlos and Damon were both a pleasure to work with. So was the last guy in the back office (don't recall his name). I came in multiple days, test drove quite a few cars, ended up requesting a model that you had to do a trade to get, and had about 823 questions. They were patient and helpful through it all. I paid less than the KBB and Edmund's true/current value prices so I'm happy with that as well. Quite frankly, I was dreading the experience and your staff made it fun. That was a nice surprise.
– Judy C., Hoquiam
Tony and Bill were great and very helpful.
– James R., Aberdeen
Have bought at least 6 vehicles from Five Star and always work with John Eilers....the best to work with and totally painless!! Love my Traverse!!!
Gayle R., South Bend
Tim was great and easy to talk with. He took extra time to make sure we understood every thing about the car, even to the point of staying after hours.
– D. Babcock, Bonney Lake
Great experience, an honest dealership. Damon and Carlos should get a raise.
– Steve V., Elma
Ricky was very patent and understanding of my needs and after 2 different deals and much flustration he got me what I needed awesome job I'm very happy the way things worked out.
W. Lemmon, Elma
Paul did a great job of taking care of me
B. Patton, Cosmopolis
My experience was hassle free and I will definitely be going back to this dealership.
- Ricky G.
Paul Wood went above and beyond expectations to make this sale work. He is not your typical pushy car salesman he makes you comfortable, is well informed about the ford products, and was able to find exactly what we were looking for even though it was in a different state. Thanks to the fivestar staff and especially to Paul Wood.
- Joe B.
- Dwight O.
Rick Dunlap was very friendly and helpful we overall had a good experience with our car purchase and would definitely refer others to him
- Julie D.
Paul wood was very helpful with making sure that we knew how to operate all the equipment on our new pickup. He helped install our cell phone and set the presets on the Sirus radio and also went online to set up the sync my ride. He was not pushy with the sale and tried to make sure we were getting the right vehicle for us. this was our second sale with Paul and would definitely recommend him to others.
- Randy P.
I had the best buying experience at Five Star Dealerships! The salesmen were very friendly and helpful. Thank you!
- Lauren F.
Paul Wood was wonderful. Made me feel like family and helped to put me at ease with such a big purchase.
- Courtney C.
I will be recommending this dealership to all my friends and family for their future vehicle purchases.
- Lisa S.
Paul is a great asset to your company!!!!!!!!
- Bonnie C.

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